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Why Portugal

The best for investment

As a country in the European Union, Portugal has all the advantages of a European country with one of the best quality of life in the world.



A paradise by the sea

A country with thousands of years of history, internationally recognized gastronomy and one of the safest countries in the world, Portugal has all the characteristics to be your investment target.
Whether for holidays, residence or place of work, Portugal will always be an investment option that you will not regret.

Find out more about the characteristics that make this country one of the best in the world.


Why invest in Portugal?

Why would it make sense to invest in Portugal?

The People

  • Local-welcoming people.
  • One of the lowest levels of criminal records in Europe.
  • A stable democratic political system with a functional administration.

The Nature

  • The biodiversity, both in terms of animal and plant species.
  • Unique landscapes: city, beach, mountains and countryside.

The Climate

  • The smooth weather and the amazing sunlight (300 days per year).
  • The fresh air from the Atlantic Ocean, great for surf, body board and windsurfing.

The Sports

  • High Class Sport: the most popular is Football.
  • 102 Golf courses all around the Country.
  • Horseriding: Portugal has a special link to horses like the Lusitano.

The Infrastructures

  • Accessibility.
  • Airline flights to the main European and international Airports.
  • Excellent road infrastructures.
  • Ship and Cruise terminal in Lisbon and Porto.

The Economy

  • Environment and Economic stability.
  • Strong currency (Euro) and one of the lowest cost of living in Europe, where a comfortable and pleasant lifestyle can be easily afforded.
  • 12th best Health quality System in the World.

The Real Estate

  • Consolidated procedures and total transparency in the purchasing process for foreign investors.
  • Beneficial tax regulations, tax exempt inheritances and donations for residents and a special taxprogram of exemption or reduced rates on non habitual residents income.
  • Landscape and urban environments are protected by state regulations limiting constructions density.
  • Recognised quality constructions skills.

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Investing in real estate in historic places is one of the safest financial decisions with a guaranteed return. Sympacom has a wide range of options for analysis by investors interested in Europe.



One of Europe’s fastest growing and most exciting property markets: with its mild climate, rich cultural heritage, and stunning natural beauty, Lisbon has become a top destination for tourists and investors alike.



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The Eternal City and one of the world’s most historic and vibrant destinations: with its rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and reputation for style and sophistication, Rome has long been a top destination for tourists and investors alike.

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